I want to

Have a creator turn my waste into a work of art

They are artists, designers, architects, stylists,
decorators, they can do wonders to transform your old, wooden door
into a fancy table, or turn the waste from your factory into a pretty
pieace of art to decorate your meeting room


I want to

Support creators

They have talent, but little in the way of money...
By giving them your ruperfluous resources,
those that you have no use for and are lying in a corner,
you are helping them create art...


I want to

Endeavor to help, but only if it brings me financial benefits

We can understand that your superfluous stock is worth a lot.
However, keep in mind that trigoodi is not a market place,
Your old tv ? why not offer it to Marc Z...


I want to

Exhibit and sell my creations in the gallery

The gallery is open to all creators who want to present a piece
whose constituants have been wholly or partially recycled


It's pretty for your company!

Test out our creative solutions to recondition your waste
A positive communication that will make your collaborators and clients proud

I'm not on the website?

That's a shame, i'ts a good way to advertise your work for free

To activate your profile page and be visible on the website, you need to offer
at least one resource, or one creation. This also gives you access to the
Respons'Art label. Of course, you are in no way obligated to do so, and can
still share or buy resources/creations freely.
For this, you need to at least be registered.

Know more about the Respons'Art label


Every month, a creator
shares their emotions

Papier Boulettes


They trust us