The Respons'Art Label


The Respons'Art label has for objective to highlight the companies and creators who respect certain simple rules as to the transfer of unused resources and their usage.
By agreeing to these rules, and as soon as you publish a resource or a creation, you will be granted the basic Respons'Art label.
This label can be reset after a certain time if you do not publish at least one resource every month or one creation every three months.
There are five levels to the Respons'Art label available, depending on your participation.

Respons'Art Base

Respons'Art Base

For your communication

Respons'Art I

Respons'Art I

1 Resources or 1 Creations

Respons'Art II

Respons'Art II

4 Resources or 2 Creations

Respons'Art III

Respons'Art III

8 Resources or 4 Creations

Respons'Art IV

Respons'Art IV

16 Resources or 8 Creations

Respons'Art V

Respons'Art V

32 Resources or 16 Creations

Your Respons'Art label will be displayed on your personal page

You will need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Offer at least one resource or one creation on our website
  • Accept and apply the conditions described in our chart


Art 1: I agree to only offer waste that can be useful to creators

A useful resource is any sort of waste that through its shape, weight, size or quantity can serve as material for a creation.

Art 2: I agree to only offer inert waste

By inert, we mean resources that are not alive.

Art 3: I agree to offer no dangerous waste

By dangerous, we mean any waste that can be deleterious to the environment or human life through the deterioration of materials with chich it comes into contact. For materials such as paint or solvents, I am willing to clearly indicate the specificities of any resource I publish as well as the risks it may involve.

Art 4: I pledge not to offer household/bio waste

Household/bio waste is what usually ends in your household trash bin.

Art 5: I will only publish on the website information that is compliant with reality

The description, weight, size and pictures of anything I publish will correspond to reality.

Art 6: I will respect any agreement I come to with a creator

Any resource published on the website must be accompanied by useful information so that any interested creator may easily acquire it. This information includes price, pickup date/time, state, description and an adress for pickup. Once published on the website, this information is to be considered as a commitment to any interester creator and must be respected.

Art 7: I will respond to creators interested in my resources in a timely fashion.
Art 8: I will allow creators to recycle my resources in any way they desire, even for commercial uses

When you sell or give away a resource to a creator, they become its sole proprietor, and are free to use it however they want, without any obligation of result or time. Unless you have sponsored a creator, in which case they are beholden to the contract they have signed

Organisation within companies

As an organisation engaged within a manufacturing, service or representation process, I create waste. By waste, we mean eitherr primary materials or unsold/faulty products. Once published on our website, thse « Wastes » are called « Resources ».

Art 1: I will not throw away recyclable resources

Depending on my abilities and the size of my organisation, I pledge not to throw away waste that may be recycled in any form or shape (not necessarily on Trigoodi).

Art 2: I will sort offered resources my materials or type

I pledge to organise the recuperation of resources so that creators do not become sorters.

Art 3: I will, if possible, put in charge a person responsible for coordinating the recovery of resources and their centralisation

Trigoodi can help you put in place an automated process.

Art 4: I will communicate within my organisation of the opportunity to recycle rather than destroy

Creation is the act of giving existence to any object.
Recycled materials, no matter their history, can be used in creation.

Art 1: I will transform any resource « received » through Trigoodi

It is forbidden to sell back any resource acquired through Trigoodi without any transformation.

Art 2: I pledge to respect any contract signed between myself and a sponsor